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word through the servants to the Raja that the position wag
becoming untenable.    They returned saying that the Raja was
at his ablutions and that it was not possible to  convey the
news to him then.    When, however,  the pradhanis insisted,
the   Raja   was   duly informed,  and he   came  out  with his
broad sword.    The princes, servants, minister and pradhanis
with their  followers,  numbering  ten thousand   in all,  came  .
ready armed for battle.    The Raja then issued instructions to
the chief officers that they should make their  own  arrange-
ments for safeguarding the honour of their women-folk  and
himself came  to   the   Tindivanam   gate,   opened   the   door,
and attacked the enemy force outside, beginning a fight with
sword, dagger and spear.    The fight at this gate between the
troops of Nawab Mir Kamruddm Khan and others and those
of   Appa   Nayaka, the  Raja  of Grinjee, extended up to the
Varaha-Ma$2 and lasted for about three hours.    It was a'hard
fight as in the Bharata War*   Then Kamruddm's men scaled
the  walls   on the  sides  of the  fort  and beat the drum of
victory.    About 20,000  fell in the fight on the side of Raja
Appa   Nayaka   including prqdhani Nandagopala  Pillai and
several princes and officers.    On   Nawab   Kamruddln's   side
Sayyid Mustafa Khan Grhori, Sayyid Hassan  Khan, Sayyid.
Husain Khan, Ayaz Khan Grhori and others fell,   the  total
number dead being 30,000.    From the gate to the Varaha-wacJ$
it was one stream of blood flowing.    About 500 of the chief
women   of  the   Raja's household   entered the fire.    Nawab
Mir Kamruddm Khan captured the fort of Grinjee in the Fasli
year 1040  and kept a firm hold  on   it.   He captured the
treasuries of the Raja and his minister and other   things  of
value.   He sent a detailed report to the Padusah of Bijapur
regarding the excellence of the service of the men of the Raja
of Qrinjee, and the firm loyalty and efficiency of the shepherd
pradhani Nandagopala Pillai together with a plan of the battle
and gave particulars of the treasury and so on.    The PaduSSh:
read it all with wonder .and sent that very plan to Dahan
(?) of DelhL   The gate where the fighting was fierce and
men were killed and much blood was spilt, was named